Storage Safety: What You Need For Your Rental Unit

20 May 2022
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What do you need to make the most of your self-storage unit? Whether you need to declutter your basement, make enough room in your garage for your car, are moving, or just have too many boxes, bins, and pieces of furniture at home, storage units can help. Before you bring anything to your new rental, take a look at the extra items that can reduce breakage risks and organize the unit.

Wire Racks and Shelving Units

Wire shelving units are durable, long-lasting, and make it easy to organize smaller items in your rental. But there isn't only one type of rack to choose from. If you're not sure which option will best match your needs, consider:

  • How much flexibility do you need? If you will change the configuration of your rental unit or add/subtract items, choose modular wire shelving. This option allows you to create taller, wider, or different arrangements that accommodate everything you need to store.

  • What will you store on the racks/shelves? Smaller items may not fit well onto wire shelves. If you think the items could fall through the shelves, consider close-knit wire or basket-style options.

  • What size do you need? Start by measuring your storage unit. You will need to know the length, width, and height. The top wire rack should have enough clearance to accommodate anything you want to place on the shelf.

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for weight maximums. Excess weight could cause the shelves to break, bulge, or tip. 

Moving Blankets

Blankets or quilts cover and protect larger items. Even though plastic sheeting may seem like an easy, economical way to prevent dust and debris-related damage, these options can trap moisture and support mold growth. Before you choose or use these blankets, you may need to learn more about these quilted or thick-layered fabrics.

Moving blankets:

  • Are heavy-duty. These blankets go beyond your living room sofa throw or the quilt on your bed. Instead of one layer, the heavy-duty moving blanket has plenty of cushioning to absorb shock and protect the furniture it covers.

  • Provide double-duty protection. You can use these blankets to reduce the risks of scratches or other damage when you move your furniture. But that's not all. You can also use the blankets to keep debris off of these items in storage.

  • Need to cover the entire item. If the moving blanket slips off of your couch or only covers the top third of your dining room table, it won't protect the item. Cover your belongings and secure the blankets completely.

Never tape a moving blanket to your furniture. Even though you do want to secure these protective covers, tape can destroy delicate wood or upholstered pieces over time. Instead of tape, use soft fabric strips to hold the blankets in place. You can also tuck the ends behind or under some types of larger items.

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