Have To Move And You're Already Gone? What To Know

8 November 2018
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There are a lot of different hassles that come up when you are trying to coordinate a move, and when you don't live in the area, you have to rely on professionals. You want to hire professionals to make sure that the job gets done right and that it's done with care. Here are some of the things to take into consideration when you start calling different moving companies to get prices.

Talk With Moving Professionals 

Call a moving company or a few and have a list of questions ready to go. You want to make sure before you book a company that you know the following:

  • How the company charges, either per mile, per hour or another way
  • What is included in a full package move
  • How many days the travel will take
  • What type of insurance they have, what is offered and if it's enough to cover your valuables
  • If they are bonded in multiple states

Once you figure out the details and you know what it will cost with each company to make the move to your new destination, you'll be in a better position to choose a moving company.

Ask for an Inventory Report

Ask the moving company to do an inventory report before they haul everything away. Go over the list to make sure that everything you think should be on it is while they are moving and ask for pictures of the space afterwards. You want to know that everything that you had in the previous living space gets from one space to another.

Plan to Be at Their Arrival

You want to be at arrival to see everything that is unloaded, and in case you have any questions about what was on the inventory list. Talk with the movers about any complications they had while loading, disruptions during transport, or if there were issues with any of the pieces that had to be moved.

There are a lot of different things that you have to worry about when you are trying to arrange a full move, and you aren't where all of your items are being picked up. If you have any concerns or special requests for items before the move takes place, make sure that you express them so that the moving company and the staff assigned to your case are aware of what you want. You can trust the professionals if you pick a great company that has a great business reputation.