Packing And Unpacking Tips For A Stress-Free Move

26 November 2018
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You might think that you don't need to worry about the unpacking stage of your move until the time comes to actually do it. The truth is, you need to think about unpacking even as you start packing. The more you plan in advance, the easier the move is going to be for you. You should work directly with a local moving company, and take some practical steps on your own for the most successful move. Here are some tips that will help you get through the unpacking stages with as little stress as possible.

Successful Unpacking Starts With Proper Packing

One of the most common unpacking problems that people experience after a move is opening boxes to find things broken. If you don't pack things securely enough, and they end up broken, you've lost all of those items in transit. That means that you need to plan your packing carefully to ensure that everything is secure.

Invest in plenty of bubble wrap for the more fragile belongings you have, including your dishes. You also need to have foam inserts, packing peanuts, and packing paper. Fill all of the empty spaces in each box with peanuts or packing paper so that nothing can move around. The more secure things are, the less risk there is of breakage. As an alternative, have your moving contractor pack all of your belongings for you. They do this for a living, so they know how to pack securely.

Mark Your Boxes Clearly

One common mistake many people make when they are packing is to either not label the boxes at all, or to label them according to the room that the stuff came out of in the old place. If you want to simplify your unpacking process, avoid disruptions in unloading the truck, and keep everything organized, then label all of your boxes accordingly. 

When the boxes are labeled according to the rooms in the new place, it's much easier to get things where they need to go. For example, if you have a den in the new place that you didn't have in the old one, or you had a dining room in the old place that you don't have in the new one, you can see where confusion can happen if you just label according to the old property. In addition, it saves you from the interruptions that come from people having to ask where each box goes during the unloading, making moving in more efficient.

Don't Rush Opening The Moving Truck

Remember that everything loaded into the moving truck is likely to shift in transit. If you open the back of the moving truck too quickly, you risk things tumbling out onto the pavement. This can lead to unnecessary damage. Open the moving truck door slowly, being attentive to any feeling of resistance. If you feel pressure against the door, it means that something has shifted against the door and might fall if you aren't careful.

Get Help Instead Of Trying To Go It Alone

When you try to move by yourself, you risk getting hurt. Appliances and furniture are heavy, and you don't want to try to move that stuff alone. Instead, get help to put everything where it needs to be. That way, you don't risk any unnecessary damage or issues. Working with a professional mover lets you relax through the actual moving process so you'll have the strength and energy to unpack when the time comes.

Clean As You're Unpacking

Another common issue with unpacking is finding yourself with a mess of boxes and packing material all over the place when you're done. If you want to keep things organized and clean, dispose of packing material and boxes as you empty each one. Keeping up with this will make the entire process easier and neater.

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