Using A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit To Keep Your Items Safe

23 October 2019
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Placing items in storage can be a major task that requires planning and forethought. However, this can be difficult for homeowners that are not fully informed about the various storage options that they will have available to them. In particular, climate-controlled storage solutions are often extremely poorly understood by those evaluating their options.

Appreciate The Types Of Items That Would Benefit From Climate Controlled Storage

One common mistake that people make will be failing to appreciate the types of items that would benefit from being placed in a climate-controlled storage unit. Electronics can be among the items that are most commonly placed in this type of storage unit, but individuals that are needing to store valuable pieces of art, antiques or large amounts of clothing can find that choosing a climate-controlled unit can protect their possessions from suffering needless damage while they are in storage.

Consider Whether You Will Need To Adjust The Climate Settings Of The Unit

The ability to change or adjust the settings of the climate-controlled unit is a feature that people may not consider when they are first choosing a storage unit. However, this is a feature that can be remarkably useful to some people. For example, those that are regularly rotating the items being kept in the storage unit may find that being able to easily adjust the settings for their unit will make it convenient to adjust these settings when the items in the climate-controlled unit change. Some storage facilities will allow clients to adjust these settings on their own. However, others will require clients to have an employee to help them make these changes when they are needed. For those that will not be regularly alternating the items in the climate controlled unit, the ability to change the settings may not be particularly important as they will have little need to adjust these settings in the future.

Be Mindful Of The Packaging You Use For The Items In Storage

The containers that hold your stored items will be another factor that can be impactful. When individuals choose containers that will not allow the items to breathe, this can lead to moisture getting trapped in the container, which can damage these items. This occurs because the air inside the container may be richer in moisture content than the air in the climate controlled unit. By choosing containers that can breathe, these differences will even out so that condensation collecting inside the container will not be a major threat. To learn more, visit a company like Big 7 Storage online today.